A forgotten treasure?

Grand Marais is a lucky town in many ways, but local residents seem to have forgotten about one of our treasures—Lake View Natural Dairy.

David and Heidi Berglund are dedicated dairy farmers who work 16+ hours a day to provide our community with fresh food. Unfortunately, the majority of their business seems to come from seasonal, out-of-town visitors, instead of local, year-round residents.

In a recent conversation David revealed that some days they bring in no more than $35, and there have been times when he’s had to pour hundreds of dollars worth of milk down the drain, because no one bought it. How long can he stay in business at this rate?

As a frequent customer, I can attest that the products they provide are first rate: the milk is fresh and delicious, as is the yogurt, butter and cream. The eggs look and taste like eggs are supposed to. The produce is wonderful. The baked goods are homemade. The meat is from their animals.

All this bounty is free of pesticides, herbicides, synthetic hormones and other dangerous chemicals. It is just food, real food, at a fair price, produced by people we know and trust.

So, if you think it's important for your family’s health to eat natural foods, make the short drive to the dairy. If you think it’s important to support small family farms, go to the dairy. If you believe it's import to support local businesses, especially in times of economic uncertainty, stop by the dairy. They provide for us. We should provide for them.

Lake View Natural Dairy is located at 140 County Road 56. They can be reached at 387- 2591.

Hartley Acero
Grand Marais

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