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In May, nominations were sought for the Move It! award, recognizing community members who inspire others to move. Ben Hackett (left) nominated his friend, Rusty Day, an avid runner who participates in a variety of sports. 
Photo courtesy of Moving Matters In May, nominations were sought for the Move It! award, recognizing community members who inspire others to move. Ben Hackett (left) nominated his friend, Rusty Day, an avid runner who participates in a variety of sports. Photo courtesy of Moving Matters During the month of May, nominations were sought for the Move It! award. The Sawtooth Mountain Clinic, the Cook County Senior Center and the Cook County News- Herald joined forces to get community members thinking about the people who inspire others to move. The response was great, with some very motivating stories shared.

The nominees selected as winners received a $40 gift certificate to a local business. The person who nominated them is also a winner, receiving a $20 gift certificate.

Selected from the entries to receive prizes in the youth category was Rusty Day, nominated by his friend Ben Hackett. Ben’s nomination explained that he nominated Rusty because “He is very active and runs a lot and plays other sports. And he is very nice and is my best friend.”

In the adult category, the winner was Yvonne Mills, who received kudos from Deb Benedict.

In the seniors category, Gene Glader was nominated by Frankie Jarchow. More about their Move It! nominations will be shared in an upcoming issue of the Cook County News- Herald.

Move It! award judges were incredibly impressed by the number of determined people in our community and the enthusiastic nominations submitted by their friends and family. The judges decided we should share the names of everyone who was nominated and a little bit of information from the nominating form. They are all deserving of the Move It! award.

Congratulations to all of the following community members for making all of us want to get moving!

. Nancy Borson
By Hanna Borson: She is 74 years old and at our cabin she can still
hike up the hill with two gallons of water.

. Frankie Jarchow
By Nancy Haarmeyer: Her positive personality spreads to others as
she participates in yoga and Zumba gold, pickleball, cross country
skis and more.
By Heidi Doo-Kirk: Despite falling, she still kept walking and
attending the Active Living meeting.

. Nancy Carlson
By Frankie Jarchow: Nancy led 2-3 hour hikes
once a week over beautiful forest trails in Cook
County, inspiring me to continue to hike.

. Bob and Helen Carter
By Kristin Wharton: I love how they trade off: one
bikes into town and one drives. Then they can
swap and take the bike or car home.

. Sam, Andy and Jeff Kern
and Jenny Delfs
By Kristin Wharton: I see Sam walking to school
with his walker. Andy and Jeff bike around town.
Jenny walks to work. They remind me that all
ages and abilities can walk in our town.

. Shelly Norman
By Amanda Anderson: Shelly started running
when she couldn’t do more than a block and
now is doing marathons. She has gotten me out
and started walking and now I’m up for my first
half marathon because of her.

. Pete and Phyllis Ryden
By Raina Ryden: Every day on my way to school I see Pete and Phyllis

. Chris McClure
By Christine Angelo: I took one of her stability classes and loved it.
When she could not keep teaching the class, she encouraged me to
teach it. I ended up becoming a certified personal trainer because of
her encouragement.

. Kathleen Viton
By Christine Angelo: About 20 years ago, Kathleen encouraged me to
go “jogging” with her. She is an adventurous and energetic person,
so I begrudgingly accepted. I’m still active teaching Zumba because
of her encouragement.

. Buck Benson
By Ann Possis: Despite a thriving business and being involved in
numerous community activities, he always seems to make time to
get out there and bike, run, garden or ski. And he’s very supportive
of others in their athletic pursuits.

. Myron Bursheim
By Tom McCann: I’m inspired by his dedication to participate in yoga
and take care of his mobility, stability and stamina.

. JoAnn and Larry Krause
By Susan Weber: Last spring I learned they had walked and biked 500
miles during the February Move It! That inspired me to walk the 500-
mile Camino de Santiago.

. Erik Anderson
By Riley Somnis: Because he never wants to be inside and he loves
working outside and he wants me to do stuff outside with him.

. Susan Prom
By Abigail Prom: My mom inspires me to move
more because she is in her 40s and she still goes
to the Y every day.

. Harley Alcala
By Ami Alcala: My son is my sunshine, help from
him comes in different fashions.

. Sally Mellang
By Kristin Wharton: Sally walks downtown to the
post office on her lunch break from the clinic. She
reminds me that whatever the weather we can
get out and walk.

. Jay Arrowsmith DeCoux
By Charlie Butter: Jay has the right characteristics
to help a person push hard, but enjoy the
process. As a spin instructor he offers a class
experience with great variety and challenge.

. Tom McCann & Nancy Haarmeyer
By Angelique Edgerton: Tom and Nancy are very active—late night
skiing, regular visits to yoga at the Y and walks over lunch. I’ve
become a huge yoga fan. Hearing how fun being fit is eventually
rubs off.

. Kristin DeArruda Wharton
By Heidi Doo-Kirk: Serving on committees Kristin is on, I have
watched her work endlessly for the health and wellbeing of all
people of Cook County.

. Lori Yecoshenko
By Kathy Bernier: She has taught me it is not about running a fast
race and comparing yourself to others. Because of her I am a runner
now. I will never win a race, but I am winning self-confidence,
endurance and lifelong friendships.

. Ginny Cooley
By Patricia Nordahl: Ginny is an avid Birch Grove Move It! team
member. She has “out minuted and out miled” us in every
Move It! event.

Funding for the Move It! Awards is provided in part by the Center for Prevention at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota, the Sawtooth Mountain Clinic, Cook County News-Herald, and the Cook County Senior Center.

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