Cory Christianson

New Year resolutions have never been important to me. I understand the motivational quality associated with new beginnings, but avoiding an issue until January 1st sounds more like procrastination. The new year reminds me that another has passed and there is no greater time than right now.

I have yet to wet a line this season, mostly because of the complaints about slushy conditions on certain Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA) lakes that opened for trout on January 1. Duncan and Daniels can be slushy, especially near the eastern side of these lakes where snow can funnel and drift much deeper than the rest of the lake. Unfortunately, that is where most lake portages are located on that chain of lakes including Mayhew, Birch and Moss.

There has not been enough snowfall this year to create the deep slush that notoriously devours snowmobiles like quicksand, instead it is more of a nuisance while dragging equipment out to the spot. It can also be dangerous if your water-proof boots fail. Wet feet do not stand a chance for more than an hour of exposure on the ice. I had a customer accidentally step into a drifted-over hole while hiking out to our spot and it got his entire foot wet. The 30-minute hike back to our vehicle was agonizing enough that he did not want to return even after warming his foot and changing into dry socks and boots.

We are forecasted for negative temperatures this week, and if the wind subsides we might start making ice. Some of the bigger lakes have finally locked-up. Loon and Poplar both were showing some open water before Christmas day and are now completely frozen over. The visible portion of Gunflint is also covered, but I do not know about the east end of the lake, nor would I trust the big lake ice yet.

I heard reports of 5-7 inches of ice on many of the smaller lakes, especially near the shorelines, but not a lot of chatter about catching. I am sure someone in Cook County is eating fresh trout tonight, but it is not going to be me until next week when all of my projects are done and the ice is thicker.

That almost sounded like a New Year’s resolution, but it is actually my weekly resolution.

Cory Christianson has worked as a fishing guide on the Gunflint Trail since 2000. If you have any fishing or wildlife reports or stories to share, send an email to: christiansoncory@hotmail.com or call 218- 388-0315. You can also visit Cory’s website at Gunflintfishingguide.com.

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