The new and the old of 2015

Joan Crosby

. NEW: A smart phone. The worst thing I did was buy it immediately before traveling. With a bare understanding of its inner workings, I rushed through long airport walkways, praying my new phone wouldn’t ring. Where to stash it in my handbag? How to turn it on. How to turn it off. Was I going to drop it? It seemed so big and unwieldy.

I couldn’t get the hang of answering the dang thing. As I, along with other passengers, struggled to deplane in cramped quarters, my worst nightmare happened. My new phone dinga linged. In a panic, I grabbed it, forgot how to answer, tried to lift the cover which it didn’t have because that was on my old phone and unintentionally flipped it into the air almost dropping it on the floor. Everyone around me broke into laughter, and I joined in. The last words I heard from a fellow passenger were “Best advice—get a cover and fast!” . NEW: I finally understand the term HASHTAG—I think. It took almost two whole hours at a writer’s class titled Demystifying Social Media to knock the info into my brain. There isn’t a snowball’s chance in a hot place that I’ll attempt to explain it in this column. You’ll just have to have trust me. . NEW: The replacement of my 24-year-old microwave showed me that sometimes new can be better than old. . NEW: A new shiny flat stovetop showed me that one can still make a mess even though an appliance is labeled easy clean. . OLD: Both Mr. Magoo, the pug, and Abby, the lab mix, are almost 11 years old. Whereas puppies are cuter than the dickens, older dogs are easy-going and relaxing to have around. Besides neither dog cares about long walks any more. This is one “old” feature I’m enjoying. . OLD: I’m not getting any younger either. . OLD HAT: Most local, state and federal politicians. . NEVER GROWS OLD: this beautiful place. While driving Highway 61 the other night, I noted the twinkling lights of a ship out on Lake Superior and stopped to watch, a most lovely sight. . OLD: my columns have been going for a long time, and I couldn’t do it without the encouragement of readers. A special thanks to all of you who make kind comments whether in person or email or letters. I’m always happy to know that you like what I do.

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