Cook County Law Enforcement briefs

It is the policy of the Cook County News-Herald to withhold the identities of individuals in Cook County Law Enforcement briefs. When court proceedings are complete, the Cook County News-Herald publishes a complete accounting of names and penalties in its Matters of Record.

Sunday, June 5
8:58 a.m., Lutsen: Law enforcement was apprised of underwater
blasting that will be occurring about 300 feet off shore from Lutsen
1:22 p.m., Grand Marais: Tree on a power line on Hungry Jack
Road, and the power was out.
1:51 p.m., Lutsen: Theft/trespassing reported.
2:06 p.m., Grand Marais: Traffic citation issued.
4:38 p.m., Grand Marais: Traffic citation issued.
8:41 p.m., Grand Marais: Two sled dogs escaped a house on
Solberg Lane and were running loose.

Monday, June 6
11:57 a.m., Grand Marais: A dog was found on East Highway 61.
1:28 p.m., Schroeder: Traffic citation issued.
1:55 p.m., Grand Portage: Deputy assisted a motorist at mile
marker 137.
6:39 p.m., Grand Marais: Assault reported.
6:53 p.m., Grand Marais: A black Scottish terrier, “Jax,” was
missing from First Avenue East.
7:35 p.m., Grand Marais: A white German shepherd, “Zeus,” was
missing from Golf Course Road.

Tuesday, June 7
4:26 a.m., Hovland: A large tree was down and blocking the upper
side of the highway near mile marker 130.
8:33 a.m., Schroeder: Deputy assisted a motorist with a flat tire.
10:43 a.m., Lutsen: Traffic citation issued.
11:28 a.m., Grand Marais: Traffic citation issued.
11:57 a.m., Grand Marais: Traffic citation issued.
12:02 p.m., Grand Marais: Caller lost a walkie-talkie at Mink Lake
fishing pier.
12:38 p.m., Grand Marais: Water rescue on Duncan Lake after a
spot emergency signal was received.
1:14 p.m., Grand Marais: Report that a guy flipped his canoe on
Loon Lake.
2:43 p.m., Grand Portage: Fraud reported.
3:08 p.m., Grand Marais: Unauthorized removal of a person from
the Care Center.
6:23 p.m., Grand Marais: Traffic citation issued.
6:45 p.m., Grand Marais: Complaint about an oil truck speeding
and driving dangerously near mile marker 100.

Wednesday, June 8
12:31 a.m., Grand Marais: Complaint about a semi engine idling in
the lot across from SuperAmerica.
9:53 a.m., Lutsen: Traffic citation issued.
10:46 a.m., Schroeder: Traffic citation issued.
11:08 a.m., Grand Marais: Check fraud reported.
1:35 p.m., Grand Marais: Sawmill fire at Hedstrom’s Lumber.
1:48 p.m., Grand Marais: A vehicle parked on the street near the
co-op was struck by another vehicle.
4:05 p.m., Grand Marais: Report of a dark green Blazer going
about 60 mph on the Gunflint Trail.
7:44 p.m., Tofte: False fire alarm at Bluefin Bay.

Thursday, June 9
11:48 p.m., Grand Portage: Deer struck by a car at mile marker
1:39 p.m., Grand Marais: Parking complaint on First Avenue West
caused by a delivery truck blocking people in.
3:10 p.m., Grand Marais: Property dispute/trespassing issue.
4:14 p.m., Grand Marais: Caller witnessed a hit-and-run near the
library. The driver looked at both vehicles, then stood around for a
minute or two before driving away.
6:12 p.m., Grand Marais: Fraud phone call reported.
8:17 p.m., Grand Portage: Traffic citation issued.
9:13 p.m., Grand Marais: Complaint about two loud pick-ups
racing on Broadway.
11:41 p.m., Grand Portage: Security caught someone digging
through the cigarette butt holders at the post office.

Friday, June 10
12:44 a.m., Schroeder: Possible medical emergency reported at
Birchwood Lane-Highway 61, where a man was slumped over in
a vehicle.
10:53 a.m., Grand Marais: Caller said a brown-and-white springer
spaniel was at his house on Bethany Drive.
12:53 p.m., Grand Marais: Deputy requested to remove an
unwanted person from a cabin at Hungry Jack Lodge.
4:06 p.m., Grand Marais: Traffic citation issued.
9:01 p.m., Schroeder: Reported theft of a new four-wheeler.

Saturday, June 11
12:54 a.m., Tofte: Phone outage at Bluefin Bay.
1:00 a.m., Tofte: Traffic citation issued.
11:05 a.m., Grand Marais: Report of a vehicle parked at the
Northern Lights Lake access with a broken-out window.
11:09 a.m., Lutsen: Report of a child locked in a vehicle at Caribou
Highlands Lodge.
11:41 a.m., Grand Marais: A black Lab ran off from a South Shore
Drive residence.
5:16 p.m., Grand Marais: A young German shepherd got loose on
County Road 7.
6:35 p.m., Schroeder: Water rescue begun when a report that a kid
fell in a gorge at Temperance River State Park was received.
6:58 p.m., Schroeder: Report of a car accident at mile marker 78.
No injuries were reported.
7:18 p.m., Grand Marais: Arrest made for indecent exposure.
9:53 p.m., Grand Marais: Lost wallet reported near the co-op.
9:51 p.m., Grand Marais: Deer struck by a vehicle at Gunflint
Trail-Highway 61.

Sunday, June 12
11:39 a.m., Schroeder: Report that someone was driving through
Lamb’s Campground last night, stealing items from guests’ cars.
12:12 p.m., Grand Marais: Report of a lost small red suitcase near
Artist Point.
5:05 p.m., Grand Marais: Complaint about vehicles speeding on
the Devil Track Road.
7:34 p.m., Tofte: Traffic citation issued.
9:40 p.m., Grand Marais: Report of a lost dog, “Whitney,” on West
First Street.

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