Rainfalls and falling leaves

Cory Christianson

The days are numbered for fair weather anglers since high temperatures are barely reaching the 60s with plenty of rain in the forecast. It has been a wet season, which many believe will translate into a wet winter with plenty of snow—let’s hope they are correct.

Gunflint Hills municipal golf course became saturated enough last week, that it was difficult to find the balls that were partially stuck into the mud, and because we don’t always use the fairways. I would suspect they have closed since this last deluge to protect the course from being damaged by players and carts. It was raining so hard that our recently cleaned gutters and downspouts could not keep up with the rain as it breached the gutters and covered the deck below. Granted, we have a lot of roof to shed water at the Skyport Lodge, but we also have a lot of gutters and there was no way they could drain as fast as they were filling.

The leaves are peaking with color this week and I am once again reminded how beautiful the aspen trees become each fall. Aspen trees are often thought of as a weed for their versatile ability to thrive and grow fast in our region – to the extent of sometimes being a nuisance. Our Gunflint Trail property was heavily damaged by the blow-down storm in 1999 and rebounded quickly with aspen, so I planted a variety of local pine trees to help keep them in check.

I have been seeing a number of leaf lookers trolling the Pine Mountain Road as I head up to the Gunflint Trail, and I would imagine the Trout Lake road has seen a few as well. These are excellent areas to see the colors, as well as the numerous overlooks along the Gunflint Trail that lead all the way to the Trail’s End Campground. Enjoy the ride.

Cory Christianson has worked as a fishing guide on the Gunflint Trail since 2000. If you have any fishing or wildlife reports or stories to share, send an email to: christiansoncory@hotmail.com or call 218- 388-0315. You can also visit Cory’s website at Gunflintfishingguide.com.

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