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I.S.D. 166 has first “snow day” of the year

Oh, to be a kid again!

Students at I.S.D. 166 got a day off on Tuesday, November 15 because of the impeding weather forecast calling for snow. Notified by email, parents received this message from the school district. “Due to forecasted dangerous travel conditions on Tuesday, November 15th, Cook County Schools will not be running bus routes or serving meals at school. The district will implement an E-Learning Day. Staff may teach and support student learning from home in accordance with the district E-Learning Day plan. Students should contact their teachers directly with questions. There will be no in-person after school activities.”

So, to be clear, kids had school, but it was online. Still, for many it was a vaunted “snow” day away from school, which in past generations was a day for students to lament the loss of in-school teaching with crocodile tears and snowball fights, board games and hot cocoa while praying for a second snow day.

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