Bon Appetit!

I have been known to jump on a bandwagon or two. (Yes, I waved the “homer hanky” when the Twins made it to the World Series.) But my love of Julia Child did not start with the movie Julie and Julia. This admiration goes all the way back to my childhood. We did not have cable or satellite TV in […]

Lives Remembered

A celebration of life for David Briggs will be held at 4 p.m. Sept. 12 at First Congregational Church, 300 W. Second St., Grand Marais. Visitation will be one hour prior to service. Memorials requested to the family in lieu of flowers. Please dress in celebratory colors, per David’s request. Virginia Burandt, 91, Duluth, formerly of Lutsen and Silver Bay, […]

More profit in war than health care

Did we hear a peep out of the Republicans when Bush was in office? He was spending billions annually for eight years on an elective war, bombing a nation which had not attacked us, and eventually killing more U.S. citizens (our soldiers) than all Americans who died on 9/11. Mission accomplished? And a few got richer. But now some Republicans […]

Educate yourself on 1% sales tax referendum

After reading News-Herald articles for the past few weeks about the proposed 1% Local Option Sales Tax referendum, I was left with many questions about the option and the proposed projects it would be used for. I was able to attend the public presentation last Monday night where I spent three hours along with 70 other community members learning about […]

Unhappy with investigation

Thistale starts on Aug. 9 of this year. My wife and I got home from a kayak festival in Two Harbors to find our house broken into and trashed. As a taxpayer we called the police figuring someone would come out but were told that they were way too busy that night, so it would be the next day. Since […]

Ask before you eat?

You may be well advised to ask the origin of wild berries or baked goods “laced” with wild berries before you eat them. Both the US Forest Service and Great River Energy conducted chemical spray programs in Cook County late this summer. The USFS sprayed forest service road ditches and some Sawbill/Gunflint Trail county road rights of way for non-native […]

A very special Camaro

John Schnatter found his car. No, he didn’t forget where he parked at the mall. No, someone didn’t take off with his car while he was stopped at a downtown stoplight. No, John sold his gold and black 1971 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 in 1983 to help save his father’s business. He also used part of the money to open a […]

Gitchee Gitchee Gumee

An accidental garden

A few weeks ago I started writing about the petunias outside my window. I somehow got sidetracked and started talking politics. This week I’ll try to finish my thoughts on the fragrant blossoms that have brightened my yard and my life this summer in my accidental garden. I am not the world’s best gardener. I love flowers and I enjoy […]


Cook County AA Meetings Mondays: Open Meeting, 7:30 PM, Grand Marais Senior Center (1st Monday of the month is potluck/speaker meetings. Potluck at 6:30 PM and speaker at 7:30). Tuesdays: Big Book Study Group, Open Meeting, 6:00 PM, First Congregational Church in Grand Marais. Wednesdays: 12 Step Study Meeting, 6:30 PM, Arrowhead Electric Co-op building, Lutsen. Thursdays: Women’s Meeting, Noon, […]