Rain holds off for Memorial Service

With the flags at half mast and the fog drifting lazily across the lawn like friendly ghosts left over from an early morning storm, Cook County’s veterans, family, friends and patriots gathered on the lawn of the Cook County courthouse to remember America’s veterans and note the service of veterans from Cook County who have passed away over the last […]

Rainfall pushes area out of fire danger

Throughout the Northland heavy rains caused roads to wash out and low areas to flood on Thursday, May 24. Much of Cook County received 2-3 inches of rain in less than 24 hours. At 8:30 p.m. on May 24, the Minnesota Department of Transportation and the Minnesota State Patrol closed Highway 61 approximately four miles west of Grand Marais to […]

A lot of jumping required for Tofte Fourth of July

The Township of Tofte has a lot of hoops to jump through this year in order to offer the same festivities it has been offering on the Fourth of July for the last 46 years. On May 10, the township board discussed numerous applications that had to be approved. Clerk Barb Gervais reported that the sheriff has to sign off […]

Teacher ’s union and school board hammer out salary negotiations

The ISD 166 School Board has finished its negotiations with the Cook County Educational Association—the teacher’s union— but it wasn’t an easy process. At the May 17, 2012 school board meeting, Terry Collins reported on his and board member Mary Sanders’ work negotiating on behalf of the board. Representing the Cook County Education Association (CCEA) were Al Heine, Marc Tavernier, […]


A meaningful Memorial Day

I missed the Memorial Day ceremony on the Cook County courthouse lawn this year. I was a bit sad because I have attended the ceremony every year for the last 14 years. But I did something else patriotic—I went to visit my former Navy Seabee sister to celebrate her 50th birthday. My husband Chuck and I have made it to […]

Breakdown assistance appreciated

On Friday, May 25, my husband and I were traveling from Thunder Bay, Ontario to Duluth. About eight miles past Grand Marais our truck had a major breakdown. There were some great people who helped us out and we would like to say thank you. We sat on the side of the highway for some time when a wonderful young […]

One person, one vote

Being a citizen in this country is to have great political power—if you vote. The founding fathers gave the vote to only white male landowners. So, in this great nation of ours (as in other places today) the people rose up in defiance. Many were injured and even killed in this struggle. Now all men and women of any skin […]

Community center walking track is not needed

They say I should walk on an indoor track. It would be flat, dependable, and safe…good for old people. So I ask, when I go for this walk, will wind bring scent of spruce and fir? Will white cloud puffs billow overhead or sometimes flatten into a gray canvas waiting for the brush? Will gulls circle expecting a herring feast? […]

Still hoping for feasibility study

Early in the planning process, it was suggested to the chair of the Community Center Steering Committee they undertake a feasibility study. Response, “That would be too expensive.” A timeline of further requests follows. Later, in the process, after the steering committee hiatus, Diane Booth, present Community Center director, recommends to the chair that a feasibility study be conducted. Diane […]