2020-04-04 E-Edition

Students’ J-1 work permits run out as their borders close

Carla Milagros Poma Diaz, age 23, always has a warm smile for the people she greets at the check-out at the Marathon (formerly Super America) gas station. A native of Lima, Peru, her English is excellent as she rings up the gas, groceries, or goodies people are paying for at Marathon. If you haven’t met Carla running the till at […]

Sawtooth Mountain Clinic prepares for COVID-19

New procedures in virtually all aspects of clinic operations in place to prepare for COVID-19.

During the current State of Emergency, Sawtooth Mountain Clinic (SMC) wants community members to know it has made significant preparations in the event COVID- 19 arrives in Cook County. SMC has established enhanced services in accordance with recommended guidelines for those that may be experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, while also ensuring that SMC remains safe and accessible for preventative care […]

County Board suspends Revolving Loan Fund payback

The Cook County Board unanimously approved a request from the Cook County Revolving Loan Fund Committee to suspend for six months payments on all loans and halt the accrual of interest on all loans because of the economic impact on business of the COVID-19 shutdown. As County Auditor Braidy Powers explained, the action freezes principal and interest and pushes back […]


Well into the 17th century the words “lonely” and “loneliness” rarely appeared in writing. As evidence to this reality, in 1674 a parson-naturalist named John Ray, compiled a glossary of infrequently used words. “Loneliness” made the list. Ray defined it as a term used to describe places and people “far from neighbours.” Being lonely is an experience that has been […]

“Stay at Home” Is not a recommendation

Beginning at 11:59 p.m. on Friday, March 27, all those living in Minnesota are ordered by the governor to “stay at home.” The Executive Order signed March 25 is justified by Governor Walz’s emergency powers under the COVID-19 state of emergency and is consistent with federal guidelines limiting gatherings of more than ten people. “Limiting activities to only those which […]

Let’s make Cook County completely free of COVID-19

Not long ago, our community came together and got ourselves voted “Coolest Small Town,” and some other awards. I believe we could put the same energy and effort that went into getting those done toward addressing the current COVID-19 crisis. While ideas such as, “to help,” “social distancing,” “flattening the curve,” etc. are laudable, having actual goals is more effective […]

Beware of spring flooding

While COVID-19 is front and center, rightfully so, as spring flooding approaches it is worth remembering that other natural disasters such as flooding have a regular and devastating impact that needs to be addressed. Sincerely, Matt Steinrueck, Minneapolis

Updated list of county services

Here is an updated list of county services during the COVID-19 restrictions to county buildings. The following list details public access to county buildings during the COVID-19 pandemic. Individuals are asked to check the county website, www.co.cook.mn.us, for the latest updates, as this list is subject to change. Assessor For assistance, please visit www.co.cook.mn.us or contact us at (218) 387- […]

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